Global Expatriate Health Insurance: Be Safe Wherever, Whenever

Health insurance is often considered by a lot of people as very expensive and downright unaffordable, at best. Most of the time, this rings true for local insurance companies that you encounter in a lot of countries, and Hong Kong is no exception to this. What makes matters worse is that most of their insurance policies and rates rarely provide satisfaction to people who avail of them. This is why you can just imagine the challenge that expats have to face when trying to avail of health insurance in countries they’re currently staying in.        What’s good is that not all insurance providers are built alike.

worldwide insurance protection for expatriates

Global expat health insurance plans, for instance, have ready stark benefits that you wouldn’t normally get from an average local health insurance plan. It even immediately trumps the competition, to say the least. After all, with Cigna you’re guaranteed to have the following advantages:

Follows an International Standard for Healthcare 

This simply means that Cigna customers will be given only healthcare services (including facilities and personnel) of the highest standard. This is crucial in making sure that you make the most out of your health insurance, assuming the time comes when you’ll have to make a claim. All in all, nothing can go wrong with an insurance plan that follows reputable international standards.

Provides Reasonable Rates through Cost-Effective Plans   

What makes global expat health insurance providers even better is the fact that they offer more flexibility in the plans that they offer. They understand the varying needs of an individual on a global scale; hence, you’ll certainly be provided with more cost-effective options that are perfect for your specific needs. You’ll find that you’ll be able to significantly cut expenses because of this as well.

Promptly Takes Care of Language Barrier Problems

Getting health insurance in countries like Hong Kong can be a real pain for expats who can only speak English (a common case for professional expats living here). Opting for an international health insurance provider immediately allows you to dispel the issue of language barrier as well as any kind of confusion that might accompany it. Cigna, for instance, has a multi-language sales feature.

Makes Full Use of Online Technology  

Not all local health insurance are able to capitalize on the advantages of online availability. With Cigna, you’ll have ready access to a Customer Care Team for 24/7, equal accessibility to your policy, as well as an online customer area where you’ll get all the information you need about it. This is undoubtedly necessary to provide expats with greater assurance of their safety wherever they may be.

Your Company Might Actually Require You to Avail of a Private International Health Insurance

Many countries actually require expats to avail of a global expat health insurance simply because of the ready benefits that it provides to them. They are more compliant and compatible to their specific circumstances, after all, and this could not be more apparent in the plans that Cigna offers.

These are but some of the top reasons why you’ll benefit more when you choose a company that provides this kind of health insurance. Try to take the time to understand more about the global health insurance by Cigna so you’ll gain a more in-depth overview of how we’ll be able to assist you in the long run and aid you in keeping your health worries away for good.


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